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As a landscape architect, I have the good fortune of being able to draw for a living – to put what’s in my head into legible form to create space, convey intent and solve problems.


I like to draw when I’m away from the office, too. Landscapes have an obvious pull, but exploring the interaction of form, light and imagination - whether it’s a sun-softened hillside, a layered urban skyline, or a fellow guitar payer’s chosen set of stomp boxes - is what interests me most.   


I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different media – watercolor, pencil, pastels, magic markers and oil - the last of which has allowed me the freedom to develop larger, more detailed images. I’m grateful for the guidance of Larry Robinson and his long-running painting studio at Cal Berkeley, and the inspiration and encouragement of fellow artists.  Creative sparks flicker all around us, and I hope to never stop following them.

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